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The Dance Foundation
1715 27th Court South
Birmingham, AL 35209
Fax 205.870.1301

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Comments and Concerns:
Feedback is welcome and valued.  Please share your comments, compliments or concerns with the person closest to the program or issue in question.  This staff member should be best able to address your needs.  If you feel that person is not the most appropriate contact or has not addressed your concern, please contact the Artistic Director or the Executive Director.  Not sure who to contact?  Call us at 205.870.0073 and we will direct you to the appropriate staff member.

Diane Litsey
Executive Director; 205.870.0073 x 109

Rachael Inman
Artistic Director;  205.870.0073 x 126

Blakely Cottle
Program Director,
Community Partnership Program and studio program for students age 1 through 2nd grade; 205.870.0073 x 114

Shellie Chambers
Program Director,
studio program for students in 3rd grade and up
Director of Marketing: 
oversees advertising, public relations and website.; 205.870-0037 x 123

Lori Taylor
Director of Operations: 
bookkeeping, studio registration, studio use program; 205.870.0073 x 113

Sara Wallace
Development Coordinator;  205.870.0073 x 128