Young Dancer Program

[K-2nd grades]

The Kindergarten Dance class, accompanied by live music, is a carefully-constructed bridge from our Movement-to-Music Curriculum to the first grade level.  Students gain an understanding of proper posture and alignment, while practicing skills that develop imagination, poise and grace.

The 1st Grade Dance class, accompanied by live music, introduces basic ballet vocabulary and modern dance concepts, using imagery that enlivens the student experience. Students are challenged with movement combinations and learn to work alone, with a partner and in small groups.

At the 2nd Grade Dance level, students build upon skills gained in the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Dance classes and prepare to enter the Dance Artist Program for 3rd grade and up.  Students must enroll in Ballet, Modern Dance or both.  In addition, students are encouraged to take Tap as an elective.


SUMMER, June 5-August 5, 2017

Kindergarten    2:00-2:45
First Grade    2:55-3:40
2nd Grade    3:45-4:45  The second grade class is a combination of Ballet and Modern techniques.

K/1st        11:05-11:50


September 2016-May 2017

Satellite Classes
Advent Episcopal School for K & 1st Grade, Wednesday 3:00-3:45

Kindergarten    5:10-5:55
K & 1st Tap    4:35-5:05*  *must also be enrolled in a K or 1st MONDAY class.
1st Grade        3:45-4:30

Kindergarten    3:45-4:30
1st Grade        4:35-5:20
2nd Grade Modern    5:00-6:05

Kindergarten    3:45-4:30
K & 1st Tap    4:35-5:05* *must also be enrolled in a K or 1st WEDNESDAY class.
1st Grade        5:10-5:55
2nd Grade Ballet    3:50-4:50
2nd Grade Modern    4:55-5:55

Kindergarten    5:10-5:55
K & 1st Tap    4:35-5:05*  *must also be enrolled in a K or 1st THURSDAY class.
1st Grade        3:45-4:30
2nd Grade Ballet    5:05-6:05

Kindergarten    11:05-11:50
1st Grade        12:00-12:45

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