Spring Performances

2019 Rehearsal and Performance Dates and Fees

Half of the performance fee is due November 1, 2018.
*Please note: If the responsible party chooses to not have his or her child participate in the Spring Performances, the responsible party must notify the The Dance Foundation office by November 1, 2018. Otherwise, a costume will be ordered for your dancer, and you will be obligated for at least ½ of the performance fee. All performances listed here are free to attend. These participation fees cover costumes and production costs. Dancers get to keep their costumes.

2 year old dance classes | Performance fee:  $35
During their last class in May
2 year olds 2019 Recital letter

2 1/2  year old dance classes | Performance fee: $70
Friday, May 3; early evening
2.5 year olds 2019 Recital letter

3 yr – 2nd grade dance classes | Performance fee:  $135
Rehearsal:  Saturday, May 4; morning or early afternoon
Performance:  Sunday, May 5; afternoon or early evening
age 3 through 2nd grade classes 2019 recital letter

3rd -12th grade dance classes | Performance fee: $155
1st Rehearsal:  Saturday, April 27; morning
2nd Rehearsal:   Thursday, May 2; evening
Performance: Saturday, May 4; evening
DAP DEP 2019 recital letter

Acting classes | Performance  fee:  $75.00
Rehearsal: Friday, May 10; evening
Performance: Saturday, May 11; evening
Acting student 2019 showcase letter

Class for Children with Special Needs | Performance  fee:  $15
During their last class in May
Special Needs 2019 Recital letter