Dance Exploration Program

[3rd-12th grades]

This program is open to all students in 3rd-12th grade who want to dance! Students have the option of taking just one (or more) of the following classes: Ballet DEP, Modern DEP, Jazz DEP, Tap DEP…and may try something new each year!


SUMMER, June 5- August 5, 2017
This class will focus on strengthening barre work, center combinations and traveling steps.

Ballet, Group A    Monday, 4:30-5:45
students entering 6th grade and up, having just completed at least one year of Ballet.

Ballet, Group B    Monday, 5:50-7:20
students entering 8th grade and up, having just completed at least three years of Ballet.


September 2017-May 2018

Jazz DEP            5:55-6:55

Modern DEP    4:00-5:00
Ballet DEP        6:10-7:10

Tap DEP/Tap I DAP          3:45-4:45



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