Dance Artist Program

[3rd-12th grades]

Strong technique and artistry are achieved through focused and committed study year after year. Special workshops and field trips are offered in addition to rigorous classes in Ballet, Modern Dance, Tap, Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, Pointe, and Dance Improvisation.  The Program is designed to foster physical, cognitive, social, and creative aspects of learning.  Level I, IIA, and IIB students must take Ballet and Modern Dance; they have the option to take additional classes.  Level III and IV students must take a minimum of three classes, including Ballet OR Modern Dance, and may select which classes they take.  Level placement for each class is determined by the Program Director and teaching faculty.  New students must contact the Program Director for class placement.

FALL/SPRING – September 2017-May 2018

Ballet IIA        3:45-4:45
Ballet IV        4:10-5:40  Class includes pointe work.  Students must also be enrolled in Ballet IV/Pointe.
Modern IIA    4:50-5:50
Tap IV            5:45-6:45
Ballet III        5:45-7:00

Modern I/IIA     4:00-5:00 – NEW class added!
Ballet I/IIA      5:00-6:00 – NEW class added!
Ballet IIB        4:00-5:00
Modern IIB    5:05-6:05
Modern III        5:05-6:20
Modern IV        6:25-7:55

Tap DEP/TAP I   3:45-4:45
Acting 3rd-5th     4:00-5:00
Prep for Pointe     4:00-5:00  Students must also be enrolled in Ballet III or Ballet IIB.
Musical Theatre I/II    4:50-5:50  This is a NEW CLASS for Level I and II students!  It is the perfect compliment to Tap and is a great preparation class for Jazz II and Dance Improvisation!
Acting 6h-8th       5:05-6:05
Ballet IV/Pointe    5:05-6:20  Students must also be enrolled in Ballet IV.  Class may be taken in ballet slippers.
Tap II/III    5:55-6:55

Ballet I             4:10-5:10
Dance Improv IIB    4:10-5:10
Dance Improv III    4:10-5:10
Modern I         5:15-6:15
Jazz IIB            5:15-6:15
Jazz III             5:15-6:30

DAP WORKSHOPS   10:00-11:45  Dancers can sign up for workshops after they are announced in August.


SUMMER (June 4- August 4, 2018) | $145

Group A [entering 5th grade and up, just completed at least two years of Ballet]  Mon  4:30-5:45
Group B  [entering 8th grade and up, just completed at least three years of Ballet]  Mon 5:50-7:20


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