An eclectic explosion of dance and inspiration


Comprised from an eclectic and diverse group of artists, The Dance Foundation Company Chicago truly is a treasure to behold. The Dance Foundation, founded by Robin Fisher, in 1993 brings the art of dance into the lives of those less fortunate. It brings in talent that would otherwise be out of grasp for the students who receive scholarships to participate in The Dance Foundation’s programs.

This group of talent is not only responsible for the guidance of The Dance Foundation’s students, but also for helping form a dance company that provides the financial backing to fund its programs. Performing, education, and inspiring the youth of the future are the main focus of The Dance Foundation Company Chicago. Each dancer within the company brings with them, a wealth of knowledge and experience, that when combined, is unsurpassed by any of the other professional companies in the Chicago metropolitan area. They bring excitement to each and every performance. Through well crafted works and a bit of heart and soul, The Dance Foundation Company Chicago takes its audience on a ride of a lifetime, sure to inspire anyone who attends a performance.

With the highest standards in choreography, technique, and production quality, The Dance Foundation Company Chicago is able to take audiences away from their surroundings and transport the audience into a world of laughter, joy, and passion. Each performance will take a patron on a ride, through an original story, and they will bare witness to a dance performance filled with cutting edge choreography, music, and multimedia explorations. Attend a performance by The Dance Foundation Company Chicago and leave inspired.

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“Intelligently crafted, bodies in motion…”